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Eileen Edmundson

June 25, 1925 – November 14, 2018

Eileen was born in the Fort Langley area and moved to Vancouver following her school years. During the second world war, she worked in a munitions factory  in Vancouver, then later as a secretary at City Hall where she met her future husband, Bill Edmundson.

Following Bill’s death in 1976, Eileen lived on her  own in the house, leading a vibrant social life of bowling, cards, lunch dates, travel and, of course, long dog walks. Eileen’s love of animals was always top of mind and it was clear that the devotion was mutual. There was always one or more dog or cat within arm’s reach of her!  Initially, she had a long line of  beloved Bassett hounds, and then smaller dogs in her later years. She offered a loving home to many elder dogs and cats from the BC SPCA and other adoption agencies. She supported a wide variety of charities, most of them associated with animal protection. There was no subject closer to her heart than the antics  of her pets, and the pets of her many friends.

At 93 good years of age, Eileen left many friends and family who loved her quick thinking, keen sense of humour and independent spirit. Unsurprisingly, her main concern before she passed was that her beloved pets go to loving homes –  which they did! She is missed by all who knew her.