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Diana Meronek

July 20, 1949 – December 15, 2022

Diana Meronek

Diana was born in the South Okanagan and grew up in rural Osoyoos. Her family always had pet dogs or cats as part of their household, so the love of animals came easily.

Diana trained to become a teacher at the University of Victoria and spent over 30 years in the profession. She taught for a couple of years in Surrey and Australia and then settled in the Cariboo for the remainder of her teaching career. During that time, as a single lady, she adopted several cats. These pets gave her great joy and companionship and were her family “to come home to”. Each had their own personality and Diana’s loving care gave them wonderful homes from early kittenhood to old age. They had the “run of the house” and were treated to lots of cuddles and toys and had the best of care.

It was from the Quesnel BC SPCA that Diana adopted her fifth companion, Christie. Christie loved exploring Diana’s expansive backyard. Her curiosity got her into trouble a couple of times. Once, she disappeared for several days, leaving Diana upset. When hope was starting to fade after days of searching, Christie showed up on a dark and rainy night, wondering very loudly why the cat door had been closed. Diana suspected she had been captured in the neighbour’s garage, where he had been tinkering with his old car. Both Christie and Diana were ecstatic to see each other again.

Diana retired to the South Okanagan and brought Christie with her. Christie lived to the ripe age of 20 and enjoyed her slower lifestyle with Diana, soaking up many hours on the sunlit deck. Diana sewed many blankets and pet beds for the local branch of the BC SPCA and was always on their website to see what they needed so that she could donate. After Christie left for pet heaven, she adopted her last pet companion – sweet Gracie.

Sadly, Diana passed away much too soon. Those who knew her and loved her will remember her many furry family members and hope that Diana “will see them again”.