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Sabine Marienburg

Sabine MarienburgMay 30, 1949 – February 2, 2021

Sabine was born in Berlin, Germany, and immigrated to Canada in the 1960s. She lived in the Lower Mainland and later relocated to Chilliwack, where she worked, with great dedication and proficiency, in the photo lab of London Drugs. Sabine met her friends every Wednesday to volunteer at the Chilliwack SPCA. When she could no longer walk dogs, she continued her volunteering by doing the laundry, washing dishes, and more.

Sabine’s devotion to all creatures great and small extended for several years of volunteering at the Community Animal Centre. She would see to the needs of cats, kittens and countless other animals, and gave her time and finances generously to animal-related causes. Sabine was a great comfort to animals, especially those who showed signs of stress. She had a calming effect on animals. Sabine also loved helping at the BC SPCA’s Paws for a Cause event, where she could be hands-on with many breeds of dogs.

Once, there was a kitten at the Chilliwack Community Animal Centre who was transferred to Maple Ridge. Sabine had fallen in love with him and drove all the way to that Maple Ridge to adopt him.

Not only was Sabine a caring and generous friend to many, but she was also a compassionate listener and always helped wherever and whenever she could. Grateful friends entrusted their beloved pets to her care went they went away on holidays, and she loved helping in this regard. Sabine was known for unselfishly putting the needs of animals ahead of anything else. From an early age, she was a rare and gentle gem with a passion for animals, and a champion for those who could not speak for themselves.

Her great compassion and kindness towards animals will not be forgotten.