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Adopted January 13, 2017 from

In January 2017, Maya was found in northern British Columbia, pregnant and scavenging around reserves for a source of food. Not long afterwards, we transferred her down to the BC SPCA Kelowna Branch on the Drives for Lives program, to get her more exposure to potential adoptive families. Here, she quickly showed us just how …

Bob Marley

Adopted November 26, 2014 from

Senior cats and black cats often are overlooked in our adoption centres, as the charm of colourful cats and adorable kittens can be too endearing to ignore. Thankfully, some potential adopters recognize the many benefits that come with senior pets and others see that black cats are just as beautiful as the colourful ones, as …


Adopted September 17, 2017 from

Once an outdoor cat, always an outdoor cat? Ruby is a lovely tortoiseshell who lived most of her life with several other cats in and around a home in East Vancouver. On August 31, 2017, she was turned in to the BC SPCA Vancouver Branch as a stray. Initially frightened in the shelter, she quickly …


Adopted March 11, 2017 from

Edie and her litter mates were only a couple of weeks old when they were found without their mother and brought in to the BC SPCA Kelowna Branch. It didn’t take long for Edie’s personality to shine through as she began to grow. While in our care, we saw that she loved playing with her …


Adopted December 10, 2017 from

When Gryffin first came into the BC SPCA Nanaimo & District Branch in November 2017, he was dangerously emaciated. We knew he desperately needed medical attention, so we immediately brought him to a veterinary hospital in Nanaimo. Even with his poor health, Gryffin only had to step into the veterinary hospital to find Caroline and …


Adopted August 13, 2014 from

Sweet Olive, an 11-year-old Pomeranian/Dachshund mix, was found wandering around David Gray Park on August 4, 2014. She was taken to the BC SPCA Burnaby Branch, where staff attempted to contact her owner. Her original owner never did come forward, so once she was spayed and her teeth and nails cleaned, she became available for adoption. …

Nala (aka Nose)

Adopted November 18, 2017 from

Nose was found abandoned at the gate of the BC SPCA Williams Lake & District Branch shelter with her four sisters on October 14, 2017. At the time, the Rottweiler cross puppies were six weeks old. After checkups and treatment by the veterinary staff, all five of the puppies went directly into foster care with …


Adopted November 18, 2017 from

Sweet, little three-month-old Luna came into our care through the BC SPCA Kamloops Branch in November 2017. Less than a week later Catherine and her partner stopped by the Kamloops Branch looking for a cuddly companion and Luna instantly charmed them. After having lived in rental housing that did not allow pets and having just …


Adopted November 21, 2017 from ,

Luna was one of several cats surrendered from an animal hoarding situation on a rural property west of Kamloops. She and her siblings were all one year of age or younger when they arrived at the BC SPCA Kamloops Branch on November 1, 2017. During their stay at the shelter, Luna and her mates were cleaned up …

Buck and Annie

Adopted May 19, 2006 from

Very few people can resist the charm of a baby animal–a puppy, a kitten, a bunny. But it’s really special when you receive a letter like the one below, because it speaks to the hope and the goal of all of us involved in adoptions at the BC SPCA. That goal is to place all …