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On January 16, 2018, a kind-hearted person brought three-month-old Nora to the BC SPCA Abbotsford Branch. Nora was a stray Dumbo rat who had been wandering around a shopping centre parking lot.

Pretty, friendly little soul that she was, Nora was going to make an excellent companion for someone. But first she needed to be treated for an upper respiratory infection and spayed.

By the time she was ready to be adopted, she had already captured the attention of a forever human companion. She went home on January 27, 2018.

Here is the story of her life in her forever home.

I haven’t had a pet in so long and I wanted one. I missed the companionship and love my former dog gave to me, but I did not have the space or money to care for one.

I remembered how much I wanted a rat in my childhood (after falling in love with the movie Ratatouille), but never had the opportunity to get one.

So I did the research, bought a cage and a cute little carrier, then decided to browse the nearest BC SPCA website.

Lucky for me, there was a rat available and she was the cutest little creature I’d ever seen! Her name was Nora and she came in as a stray. She had the cutest round ears, a little fluffy face and a very pretty siamese pattern.

I had to wait until the weekend to go and check her out, but in between I kept coming back to look at her page. When I finally got to the BC SPCA Abbotsford Branch, I adopted her and brought her straight home.

Nora was an explorer who couldn’t be stopped. She was too curious about the beyond and was happy to meet new people. I adopted for her a friend named Millie and they loved each other dearly.

Nora loved bananas and was always beyond thrilled to grab some and bounce away to her favourite corners to eat it. When she finally finished her exploring, she enjoyed cuddling with me or Millie, while getting relaxing scratches.

When Nora was diagnosed with a pituitary tumour at about a year and five months old, I was heartbroken. She became a big part of my life and to find out there was a high chance she was not going to make it devastated me. I bought medicine that was supposed to extend her life and I spent lots of time with her.

One of my last memories with her was of me sitting on a lawn chair with a blanket outside late in the afternoon, and her laying in the blanket, sniffing the air and looking up at me until it became dusk.

Unfortunately, the medicine only helped for a week and Nora quickly fell ill again. In between May 11 and 12, 2019, Nora passed.

Our time together was short, and I wish It could have been longer. She was so special and I cherish every moment we had together. I love you, my little fuzz.

Every one of us who has loved and lost a companion animal feels the bond you describe and knows the pain of your loss. It doesn’t take a large size or a long time for a fuzzy friend to capture a human heart.

As short as Nora’s time was with you, we can’t imagine her having found a more loving home. You cherished her, and no animal buddy could ask for more.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful story with us. And when you’re ready, we hope you’ll again make the decision to adopt.

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