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Ninja (aka Teddy)

Adopted August 9, 2017 from

In the summer of 2017, Teddy was hanging around a townhome complex on the UBC Campus, making friends with many of the residents and scrounging the odd meal. On July 29, a good Samaritan brought this social, outgoing fellow to the BC SPCA Vancouver Branch. The shelter staff assessed Teddy as being a cat who would …


Adopted October 31, 2017 from ,

ReRe first came into our care when she was surrendered to the BC SPCA Campbell River Branch in March 2017. She was three years old, but her previous owners had a new baby, who ReRe did not take a liking to. Rather than force the relationship, ReRe’s former owner decided it would be best to …

Maggie and Max

Adopted June 17, 2000 from

Our pets are our best friends and they are truly part of our family. Janyse and her family had a difficult time with the passing of their first cat, but it didn’t take long for them to open their hearts again. One day in the summer of 2000, Janyse took her son to the BC …


Adopted October 29, 2016 from

Luna was surrendered with another cat on October 15, 2016 because both were peeing outside their litter box. Cats naturally want to bury their waste, and when they don’t, it’s usually the result of a medical or behavioural problem, or emotional stress. When Luna and her companion cat arrived at the BC SPCA Surrey Education and …


Adopted September 17, 2017 from ,

Charlotte came to the BC SPCA West Vancouver Branch from the BC SPCA Shuswap Branch on September 5, 2017, after being found wandering around the village of Chase. As a stray female, she may have had several litters of kittens over her lifetime, adding to the overpopulation of homeless cats trying to survive outdoors.  Under the protection …

Bauer and Bagheera

Adopted August 10, 2017 from

Best friends Bauer and Bagheera came to the BC SPCA Vancouver Branch in May of 2017. At this time, Bauer was only two months old and Bagheera was four months. Within two weeks, they were taken into a foster home, where they received the loving care they needed. Bauer is totally easy going while Bagheera …


Adopted October 14, 2017 from

Sammy came into the care of the BC SPCA Nanaimo & District Branch at two years old, in October 2017, when a family spotted him wandering around the Black Bear Pub in Nanaimo. Sammy’s coat was full of mats, and he was wary of people, but they decided to take him in while they searched …

Cleo (aka Cinnamon Bun)

BC SPCA Cleo adoption story
Adopted September 11, 2016 from

Cinnamon Bun, was surrendered to the BC SPCA Vancouver Branch on August 29, 2016, because the owner’s landlord did not allow pets. She was quickly adopted by her new guardian on September 11. Or perhaps it was the other way around, as you’ll read here. A little over a year ago I adopted from the …


Adopted July 5, 2017 from

Gorgeous Molly came into the care of the BC SPCA Richmond Branch in the summer of 2017. She must have made a great first impression, because she quickly found her new home. Her adoptive family wrote in to share some photos and provide an update on how she is settling in. So enjoying my beautiful …


Adopted March 1, 2000 from

In a perfect world, the ideal pet would come to us at just the time in our lives when we’re looking for them. However, sometimes our pets choose us and, despite not seeking a new furry friend, we know it’s meant to be. This is exactly what happened with Guinness. Here’s what his family said …