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When introducing a new pet into our home, it’s vital to give them some time to adjust. This can feel discouraging at first, especially when we feel an instant connection with our new pet, but it is an essential part of them becoming comfortable in their new environment.

For Lilianne, it had been a while since she had connected with a feline companion, still feeling the sting of losing her last one four years previous.

In February 2019, after travelling for a few years, Lilianne felt it was time to open her heart again, so off she went to the BC SPCA Surrey Education and Adoption Centre.

When Lilianne met Hari-Bari, she immediately knew that he was meant to be in her life. They bonded right away and Lilianne brought him home –  however, Hari needed a little time to adapt to his new surroundings.

Lilianne has shared their story:

When my last cat died unexpectedly four years ago, I decided that there would be no more cats for me. So, I travelled instead.

But, my longing for a cat didn’t ever go away. This year, as my travel plans wound down and staying at home became the norm, I decided to see if a cat would find me.

I had certain criteria to meet and Hari checked all the boxes—he was young, he had short hair and, most importantly, he’s an indoor cat. Some day, I may build a catio for him to enjoy some outdoor space, but that’s in the future.

Hari-Bari and I met on Valentine’s Day. After a few short minutes, it was love! We bonded and I knew that Leo was the one. So, I made arrangements to bring him home.

The first day was traumatic for the two of us. Instead of sitting with me, he sat in his brand new clean litter box and glared at me, the poor guy. Had I made a mistake?

Patience, treats and little chin cuddles saw Leo laying on my bed in the middle of the night. We had turned a corner.

He is still a little shy. It has only been three weeks, but Hari-Bari gets more daring and loving every day. I can’t even imagine this house without him. I am so happy that I have found this beautiful cat and I’m so very happy that he found me.

We are unbelievably happy that you and Hari-Bari have found each other. Thank you, Lilianne, for choosing to adopt. It just goes to show that a little patience and a lot of love can go a long way with helping a cat adjust to a new environment. With some more time, we have no doubt that your connection and trust will continue to build and you’ll both enjoy many years of chin cuddles to come.

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