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Adopted October 24, 2019 from

Just when we think we’re the ones rescuing our canine pals, it is really them who save us by giving us a renewed purpose in life. After decades of allergies to animals, Ken found that his allergic reactions had started to ease off. Naturally, he and his partner, Felicity, took this opportunity to open their …


Adopted August 8, 2020 from

Timmy is a mixed breed guinea pig who was surrendered to the BC SPCA Abbotsford Community Animal Centre on August 5, 2020. He was two years old when his previous owners decided to surrender him to the BC SPCA, as they felt that he could have better care than what they could provide. That turned …


Adopted February 17, 2018 from

On January 23, 2018, a six-month-old orange tabby came into the BC SPCA Quesnel Community Animal Centre. We named him Hero. The young stray had been seen hanging around a neighbourhood for several weeks when a concerned citizen rightly decided his best chances of a good life would come from bringing him to us. Hero …


Adopted February 13, 2021 from

For us humans who have co-habited with cats in our lifetime, we understand that the purpose of our existence is to cater to the feline’s every whim. When Adrian felt the absence of a feline presence in his home in February 2021, he sought out a new friend to share his life with. That’s when …


Adopted November 6, 2020 from

In the summer of 2020, Sammy came to the BC SPCA Abbotsford Community Animal Centre. She was pregnant and in need of shelter and resources. Several months later, when Sammy was ready to be adopted out, we knew she would have no trouble finding a home. This sweet, charming girl made friends with anyone she …


Adopted August 22, 2020 from

On May 24, 2020, a litter of six orange and buff cuties were born in Duncan. Little Finn was one of them. He and his siblings were an unwanted litter, but the person who surrendered them had the good sense and kind heart to keep them safe with their mom until they were ten weeks …


Adopted December 14, 2020 from

A companion animal’s purrrsonality is not one-size-fits-all. Each animal is unique and that’s why it’s important that we find the right match between an animal and a guardian, before adoption. In the case of Spyder, his previous owner surrendered him at 14 months of age because they found him too aggressive, but Spyder is really …


Adopted August 6, 2020 from

Sometimes when we have to say farewell to our long-time feline friends, we make ourselves believe that we can get by without another one. Who are we kidding? For a lot of us, our lives never quite feel right without a kitty’s presence. For Jennifer and her family, it was only a few months before …


Adopted February 7, 2021 from

While it’s incredibly exciting to us when we receive an abundance of applications for the canine pals in our care, we understand it can be hard on the hopeful adopters. Needless to say, Brittany and her partner were over the moon when their adoption application was accepted at the BC SPCA Victoria Community Animal Centre …


Adopted January 18, 2016 from ,

On December 24, 2015, this little girl was found alone on a cold street corner in Burnaby. Luckily, someone called us to report her plight. Immediately, one of our Special Provincial Constables went out to collect her and bring her to the BC SPCA Burnaby Community Animal Centre. From here she was transferred to the …