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Adopted April 16, 2015 from ,

This green-eyed beauty is Briar. This lovely stray had been living a rough outdoor life, as evidenced by her wounds, her fractured teeth and her level of dehydration. At five years old, she had also likely birthed more than one litter of kittens, adding to the pet overpopulation problem in the province. But Briar got …


Adopted November 22, 2021 from

When her owner passed away, dear Kya was eventually retrieved by Animal Control Services and brought to the BC SPCA Vernon Community Animal Centre on October 18, 2021. We can only imagine how this ten-year-old’s world had been turned upside down at the sudden loss of her person, and it showed in her sadness and …

Hank & Butch

Adopted May 17, 2021 from

As much as we love our foster volunteers, we also adore when they can’t help but fall in love with their fostered animals… and end up adopting them. When Cheri and her family began fostering a very young family of rats that were abandoned in the forest near the BC SPCA Williams Lake Community Animal …


Adopted November 2, 2020 from

When Maggie, a young adult tabby cat at the BC SPCA Cowichan Community Animal Centre, was first adopted and returned just a few days later, we knew there was a reason she came back to us—she hadn’t found her forever guardian. Then, along came Maureen. Since adopting Maggie in early 2020, they have been inseparable. …


Adopted July 21, 2021 from

For us animal lovers, it can often be our pets who give us the motivation to live life to its fullest. When Dianne originally volunteered to foster Rider, a tiny tuxedo kitten, she couldn’t help but fall in love with the little sweetheart. Shortly afterwards, Dianne had some serious medical issues come up. Knowing her …


Adopted November 13, 2013 from

When we know what we’re looking for, sometimes we’re prepared to wait. Such was the case with the couple who adopted this young Maine Coon brown tabby from the BC SPCA Shuswap Community Animal Centre on November 13, 2013. Lucky for them, Sequel and his three siblings were brought to the shelter after being found …


Adopted October 28, 2021 from

Any cat would have to be savvy, lucky and maybe a little bit tough to live to the age of two as a stray. And as an intact male, Leo here also would have also contributed to the province’s cat overpopulation problem. When Leo came into the BC SPCA Vernon Community Animal Centre on September …


Adopted June 9, 2017 from

We don’t know what circumstances led a previous owner to abandon their lovely three-year-old Labrador Retriever and her eight tiny pups. But we are grateful they were found and bought to the BC SPCA Shuswap Community Animal Centre. On their intake on May 2, 2017, momma and her six-week-olds were quickly examined and then placed …


Adopted October 9, 2021 from

Naturally, Melissa and Dan were heartbroken when unexpectedly losing their young cat to Feline Leukemia. After some time had passed, they were ready to start looking into adopting another furry sibling for their senior cat, Abbi. Then, as if he knew his future guardians were looking just for him, Freddi and his extra fingers made …


Adopted June 3, 2021 from

Building trust and comfort isn’t always a smooth journey for our animals, even once they are in their forever home. In the late spring of 2021, Loki was surrendered to the BC SPCA Burnaby Community Animal Centre for medical reasons. At 10 years old, he found himself looking for a fresh start. When Sharon met …