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On October 17, 2022, five, eight-week-old Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler mix puppies were surrendered to the BC SPCA Williams Lake Community Animal Centre.

Those pups who were showing signs of less than optimal health went to foster homes for monitoring until they were strong enough to be spayed and neutered.

Then they were transferred by our Drive for Lives program to the BC SPCA Burnaby Community Animal Centre, where they would have a better chance of finding good forever homes. And that they did! Little Rocky here went home on November 15 and his new forever family wrote to share how he has been settling in.

Rocky is 15 weeks old and is growing like a wildfire. When I went to look at adoptable pups on the BC SPCA website, I came across Rocky and his litter mates. They were definitely the cutest puppies, so I had to arrange the earliest appointment possible to meet them.

We had intended to adopt one of the other litter members, but as soon as we arrived, I fell in love with Rocky. Initially reserved, he gradually warmed up and within two minutes, we had made up our minds to adopt him.

Rocky has given my partner, my family and I so much love, happiness and energy! Rocky is very intelligent and within the first three days of having him, he had already mastered sitting. He loves playing in the snow but hates rain.

Rocky has been in his forever home for about a month now and he is a true gem. He has mastered the skills of sitting, shaking paws and laying down and has good recall.

Rocky did not want to walk the first week. He would sit every two steps and we would have to encourage him with treats or a toy to get him to stand up and walk, but after a month he is now walking wonderfully.

My family and I strongly advocate adopting from the BC SPCA because you will be helping dogs that are in difficult situations and/or homeless. Every dog deserves a loving and caring forever home, therefore I encourage everyone who wants to bring a furry companion home, to consider adopting from the BC SPCA.

Rocky’s adoption was the best decision I ever made. I love him and can’t wait to share more of life with him.”

Thank you so much for choosing to adopt this little darling. Thank you also for sharing your confidence in adopting from the BC SPCA as the best way to find a new family member. We trust you and Rocky will create many more years of treasured memories together.

Have you adopted an animal from the BC SPCA and want to share your joy with others? Submit your adoption story!

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