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Adopted December 3, 2016 from

Sometimes our pets choose the right time to come into our lives. Teddy was just a kitten when he first came to the BC SPCA Kamloops Branch as a stray in November 2015. So young with so much love to give, it didn’t take Teddy long to find his forever home—at just the right time …


Adopted January 2, 2018 from

This sweet, young Terrier/Shih Tzu mix was surrendered to the BC SPCA Vancouver Branch on December 30, 2017, as his owner could no longer care for him. His friendly, energetic personality made him very popular with potential adopters. To find the best home for Amadeus, staff interviewed four families. The right match would be able to …


Adopted October 3, 2017 from

Sometimes it’s not about giving our beloved animals a second chance at life—it’s about giving them a third chance (or even more). When Kelsey was first surrendered to the BC SPCA Victoria Branch in 2014, he found owners shortly afterwards who kept him for three years. However, after urinating in places around the house he …


Adopted November 25, 2017 from

When Luna first came into the BC SPCA Surrey Education & Adoption Centre Branch in November 2017, she was a spunky little lady looking for a cat-savvy family to share her love with. While in our care, we learned that Luna liked affection on her terms, but also enjoyed some alone time so she could …


Adopted March 1, 2018 from

Lexi had a bit of a rough start to her happy ending in a forever home. She was rescued at age one, underweight and with broken teeth from chewing on the bars of her outdoor kennel. She eventually made her way to the BC SPCA Haida Gwaii Branch in the hopes that she would find …


Adopted December 21, 2017 from

Kalee, came into the care of the BC SPCA Comox Valley & District Branch in September of 2017, as part of a kit of six baby bunnies whose nest was destroyed. Although they rabbits were strays, they were domesticated, so they were fostered until they were healthy enough and old enough to adopt. It wasn’t …


Adopted September 23, 2017 from

Lucy arrived at the BC SPCA North Peace branch in August 2017 after being abandoned by her previous guardians. A family friend had surrendered her to the branch, hoping to find her a new home where she could enjoy the many remaining years of her life. Soon, Lucy was fostered by a family who couldn’t …


Adopted June 30, 2016 from

Phoebe first came into our BC SPCA Alberni-Clayoquot Branch in June 2016, where she showed signs of having severe separation anxiety. Because of this, we knew she required an extra committed adopter. Being a Belgian Shepherd and Border Collie mix, Phoebe is naturally highly intelligent and energetic. In addition to helping her work through her …


Adopted January 13, 2017 from

In January 2017, Maya was found in northern British Columbia, pregnant and scavenging around reserves for a source of food. Not long afterwards, we transferred her down to the BC SPCA Kelowna Branch on the Drives for Lives program, to get her more exposure to potential adoptive families. Here, she quickly showed us just how …