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Adopted December 13, 2015 from ,

Maggie, a beautiful Arabian mare, had a very sad beginning to her story. She was in a very weak condition when she was seized from her previous guardians and came under the care of the BC SPCA Good Shepherd Barn on August 11, 2015. Malnourished and neglected, this 14-year-old female was one of many animals …


Adopted November 23, 2016 from ,

Oscar was only a month old when he came to the BC SPCA 100 Mile House & District Branch. For the two months he was under our care, this doe-eyed kitty won our hearts. He was a very shy kitten, tentative at first meeting new people and other animals. We knew he needed a gentle …

Lightning (aka Paul)

Adopted October 20, 2015 from

Lightning was originally found by his previous guardians as a stray. After his temporary guardians couldn’t find a new home for him, they brought the two-year-old kitty to the BC SPCA Kamloops Branch in September 2015. He was soon moved to the BC SPCA Victoria Branch where we would learn what a happy-go-lucky kitty he …


Sydney arrived at the BC SPCA Vernon Branch on May 30, 2016. She was six-years-old and surrendered because her previous guardians had too many pets. So she was looking for a new family that would be able to give her the attention she needed and deserved. As a more mature dog, she had already picked …


Adopted November 1, 2014 from

Willow was an older cat when she came under the care of the BC SPCA Maple Ridge Branch in October 2014. At eight-years-old, she had been seized by a cruelty investigations officer and was in great need of a kind, caring family. She was searching for a forever home where she could spend her days …


Adopted June 12, 2016 from

Vienna was around seven months old when she came under the care of the BC SPCA Maple Ridge Branch. Her previous guardians couldn’t afford to take care of her so she was now looking for a new forever family who would have the means and time to give her the amazing home she deserved. What …


Adopted October 31, 2016 from

Birdie was found as part of a stray litter and brought to the  BC SPCA North Cariboo District Branch when she was only one-month-old. Soon after Birdie was rescued, she was transferred to foster care as she was still too young to be placed for adoption. Along with her littermates, Birdie was taken to the …

Eggnog (aka Jackson)

Adopted February 27, 2013 from

Eggnog was such a handsome cat when he was brought in to the BC SPCA North Cariboo Branch in December 2012. He received a clean bill of health despite having been abandoned by his former family for almost a whole month. Although initially made available for adoption, Eggnog was placed into foster care over the …

Mama (aka Kitten)

Adopted March 10, 2011 from

Mama didn’t have the most favourable beginning to her life; she was surrendered into the care of the BC SPCA Nelson Branch with five newborn kittens on May 11, 2010. Her name is in part due to the fact that she came in with newborns, but also because of the fantastic care she took of …