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How you spoke up for animals in 2022

January 31, 2023

Every year, thousands of British Columbians join the BC SPCA to speak up for animals. “Today, we are celebrating the difference residents of B.C. have made for tens of thousands of animals across British Columbia and Canada in the past year,” says Dr. Sara Dubois, chief scientific officer at the BC SPCA. Grounded in evidence-based research, the BC SPCA campaigns industries and governments at all levels for improvements to laws and standards for companion, farmed and wild animals.

Photos of a dog, a horse and an owl, speak up for animals

“The progress made this past year improved the lives of animals for generations to come,” Dubois reports. Over 160,000 BC SPCA supporters took over 49,000 actions to speak up for animals. They signed petitions, commented on policies and standards, and contacted their government representatives to make their voices heard. 

Key advancements this past year included: cataloging and mobilizing the best community bylaws for animals; creating new pet care standards for businesses such as daycares, dog walkers, and groomers; initiating a review of the province’s farmed animal welfare protections; and, banning the worst rodenticides that harm wildlife like owls. Read about these and much more in BC SPCA’s 2022 Advocacy Report (PDF).

“When we come together to create social change, we can shift passion into purpose to improve animal welfare,” Dubois remarks.

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