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Shelter tours

Touring a BC SPCA shelter is a great way to teach students about animal issues, and get to know our adoptable animals in a more hands-on way.

What to expect on a shelter tour

On a tour, students will hear about the animals in our care, how the shelter runs, the different roles our volunteers play and the work we do in the community.

By observing the animals, students will also learn about animal behaviour and the ways we help them feel less stressed and spend less time in the shelter.

Interaction with the animals

Shelters can be scary places for animals, especially when they first arrive. Their health and safety is our first priority, so there may be certain restrictions in place on viewing or handling them.

While on the tour, students will be asked to behave calmly and quietly for the sake of the animals.

How to book a shelter tour

Our shelters are busy places! Tours are booked at the discretion of the shelter manager. Call your local shelter well in advance to arrange a visit.

Small group tours are best

Most of our shelters are small — built to house animals but not a lot of people! Tours are best for groups smaller than 12 people, and for kids older than 10 years of age.

Please contact your local shelter to see whether they can accommodate your group.

Instead of a shelter tour

For the most valuable educational experience, we recommend a school presentation by a BC SPCA representative rather than a shelter tour.