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Presentations, lessons and activities for your class

Help your students gain a deeper understanding of their place in the world by exploring the interconnections that exist between animals, humans and the environment.

Class presentations

Bookings are closed for the 2023/2024 school year. Thank you for your amazing support! We look forward to reconnecting with you again in Fall 2024!

Class lessons & activities

Ready-to-use activities for your class! Designed to meet the B.C. core and curricular competencies, these engaging animal-themed activities for students also contain links to additional resources, plus curricular links for educators to explore.

kids camp

Kindergarten to Grade 2:

Grades 3 to 5:

Grades 6 to 9:

Humane Science Education unit plans

Teacher with two young students using a tablet

These humane science education modules can be used to create classes based on the B.C. Science Curriculum. Recommended virtual anatomy tools are available for each unit.

Frog anatomy (Grades K-6):

Rat anatomy (Grades 5-6):

Pig anatomy (Grade 12):

Human anatomy (Grade 12):