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BC SPCA school programs: Humane education resources for teachers

January 1, 2015

As a new year begins, the BC SPCA is encouraging educators to incorporate animal welfare learning into classroom and extra-curricular activities.

“The BC SPCA offers a wide range of resources for teachers,” says Paula Neuman, humane education manager for the BC SPCA. “Our goal is to support them in educating students about animal welfare issues and building empathy skills, all while fulfilling the prescribed learning outcomes set by the B.C. Ministry of Education. Our lessons also give teachers fresh and unique ways to engage students in required subjects like English, mathematics, social studies, art, science and social justice.”

Teachers can incorporate animal welfare learning into their lesson plans by using BC SPCA-developed curriculum units or inviting a volunteer humane educator into the classroom for a presentation.

“Our curriculum units are designed with a mind to specific grade levels and B.C. Ministry of Education prescribed learning outcomes in a variety of subjects,” says Neuman. “We have units focusing on empathy, pet care, farm animals, dog bite prevention and advocacy.”

For teachers interested in guiding students who are particularly passionate about making a difference for animals, the BC SPCA also has a school club manual available free for download.

“Clubs are all about engaging and growing young people’s desire to learn about and help animals beyond their classroom lessons,” says Neuman. “As club supervisors, teachers can have a significant and lasting impact.”

Educators can visit the BC SPCA website to download our free curriculum units, arrange for a school presentation and download the school club manual.


For more information on all BC SPCA teacher resources, please visit spca.bc.ca/school.


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