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BC SPCA pocket guide to humane food labels

Woman and daughter grocery shopping, confused about what to buy.
June 4, 2018

Ever wondered about the difference between free range and free run eggs, or whether certified organic means anything for how well the animals were treated? What about labels like grass-fed and pasture-raised for meats and dairy? Food labels often raise more questions than they answer. Find out which food labels to look for and those …

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Gardening with deer – Tips and tricks for enjoying your garden and the deer

May 22, 2018

Gardening in deer territory certainly has its challenges but with a little patience and strategic planning, you can have a deer friendly, beautiful garden. Below are three strategies to keep in mind when gardening with deer. Keep in mind that besides fencing out deer completely, no garden will ever be completely deer proof but using …

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Kamloops & District SPCA takes home BC SPCA Branch of the Year Award

May 9, 2018

The Kamloops & District SPCA took home this year’s BC SPCA Branch of the Year award at the society’s Annual General Meeting on May 5. The award recognizes a branch that has made exceptional strides in the previous year. Parm Takhar, chief operations officer for the BC SPCA, says the Kamloops & District Branch was …

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Prince Rupert animal advocate honoured at BC SPCA Awards

May 8, 2018

Linda Scott, a dedicated animal lover and community advocate, was honoured as the 2018 Volunteer of the Year at the BC SPCA’s annual awards ceremony in Richmond on May. 4. “Linda is a remarkable woman who has saved so many animal lives through her dedication and compassion,” says Amy Stacey, manager of the BC SPCA’s …

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City of Dawson Creek wins BC SPCA Humane Community Award

May 8, 2018

The city of Dawson Creek was honoured with the BC SPCA’s Humane Community Award at the society’s annual awards ceremony, held in Richmond on May 4. The award was presented in gratitude and recognition of the city’s progressive approach to humane welfare for animals. “It takes a strong community effort to address the suffering of …

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Kelowna volunteer coordinator honoured with 2018 BC SPCA Leadership Award

May 8, 2018

Kelowna-based SPCA volunteer coordinator Enjulie Bedi is this year’s recipient of the BC SPCA’s Leadership Award, presented to her at the society’s annual awards ceremony in Richmond on May 4. The Leadership Award was created to recognize the outstanding achievements of individuals who go the extra mile to achieve the society’s goals, and who lead …

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Williams Lake veterinarian honoured with BC SPCA award

May 8, 2018

Dr. Ross Hawkes of the Williams Lake Veterinary Hospital was presented with the BC SPCA’s Veterinarian of the Year Award at the society’s annual awards ceremony held on May 4 in Richmond. The award recognizes a veterinarian who has made an outstanding contribution to animals in the SPCA’s care and in their community.“Dr. Hawkes goes …

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