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Gunner Mason Comeau

Adopted February 28, 2019 from

When a dog has a tough upbringing, it takes a special adopter to welcome them into their home. Having been neglected in his previous home, Gunner understandably had some behavioural issues. However, we knew that with his charm, upbeat attitude and undeniably dashing looks, he would find his future guardians. After researching his situation and …


Adopted February 16, 2019 from

When introducing a new pet into our home, it’s vital to give them some time to adjust. This can feel discouraging at first, especially when we feel an instant connection with our new pet, but it is an essential part of them becoming comfortable in their new environment. For Lilianne, it had been a while …


Adopted February 17, 2019 from

There are so many factors when it comes to looking to adopt a pet, but timing is very important. Once she committed to adopting a cat, Joanne knew that this cat would become a big part of the family. Therefore, the timing had to be right; then it was just a matter of finding the …


Adopted August 12, 2018 from

Catfes are popping up in many cities, and are a wonderful way to not only interact and socialize with adoptable cats, but also provide a means of uniting these kitties with their future forever families. The Catfe Vancouver was a satellite adoption centre for the BC SPCA Vancouver Branch. In August 2018, Monika began her …


Adopted February 10, 2019 from

When we’re looking to adopt a pet, something we don’t automatically consider is whether they’ll love us right away too! Merle was looking to find that mutual connection about a year after losing her previous cat. She missed having that bond with a special feline in her life. Then, one day in February 2019 at …


Adopted January 21, 2019 from

Life has a habit of not always going to plan. When Sophia gained a newfound independence and started volunteering at the BC SPCA West Kootenay Community Animal Centre, she wasn’t expecting to invite a four-legged companion into her life so quickly—perhaps a cat, but certainly not a dog just yet. In late 2018, Louis, a …


Adopted February 12, 2012 from

While raising a kitten definitely has its appeal, adopting a senior cat has plenty of benefits. Senior cats have already developed their personality, so it is easier for an adopter to find a cat that matches their personality and lifestyle. They also know how to use scratching posts, are litter box trained and are usually …


Adopted September 4, 2018 from ,

Only several months old, Ava came to the BC SPCA Prince Rupert Branch in August 2018 requiring immediate veterinary care. She had porcupine quills in her snout and she needed to have her eye removed. Once her medical needs were addressed, we knew that Ava would make a delightful addition to her future family. To …

Sweet Heart

Adopted January 18, 2019 from

The purrfect cat can turn anyone into a cat lover, even despite almost a century of only loving dogs. Tami and her husband were determined to adopt a new cat into their family even after her elderly dog-loving mother moved in with them. Never having truly connected with a cat before, Tami was unsure how …


Adopted September 25, 2016 from

Whoever said cats cannot be trained? Patrick has shown that with patience, perseverance and understanding, it’s certainly possible to train a cat. Not only can they be taught tricks, but they can also be trained to enjoy being brushed, play, use the litter box and walk on leash. After building a bit of a reputation, …