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When Sage was just five months old, she was given a second chance at life.

Surrendered to the BC SPCA Williams Lake and District Branch in January 2018, Sage was very underweight and lacked social skills, but she was full of love. We knew that she would take a lot of commitment from her future guardian in order to blossom into the best dog she could be.

It didn’t take long before Alanna and her partner came along. Within a month of coming into the shelter, Sage had found her new people.

A year and a half later, Alanna has written to us with an update on their lives with Sage:

We adopted Sage back when she was a starved five-month-old pup. She had excitement issues and she jumped up any chance she had. We quickly realized that she had separation anxiety as well.

As a ravenous puppy, she was very food motivated. This made training her just that much easier. We worked hard with crate training to get her used to being apart from us. Her over-excitement is still a work in progress.

My partner and I both work in the bush, so Sage quickly flourished into an amazing work buddy. She loves to explore the wilderness but she always comes back to us.

Sage is still figuring out where she stands as an alpha dog. She has some trouble interacting with other young females. Together, we work on reading the signs and removing her from any situation when necessary.

Sage has amazing recall. We often work and play in remote areas, so it is wonderful to be able to trust that she will always come back when we need her to. She comes along on all our adventures—ski touring, hiking, biking, climbing—wherever we go, Sage is happily there trotting next to us.

As hard as Sage can work and play, when we get home she is the cuddliest dog. If anyone is on the couch, Sage has to be on the couch snuggling them. Not just a little snuggle—Sage is right up there with her face pressed against theirs, laying on their stomach or whatever she can do to get as close as possible.

Sage has changed our lives for the better. I feel safer being in the bush with her. Last summer she actually chased a bear away from someone. She is our protector and our baby.

Sage brings light and happiness wherever she goes with her easy going attitude and willingness to follow us anywhere. I could not have asked for a better fit to our little family!

Thank you to you and your partner, Alanna, for adopting Sage. Your lifestyle sounds like a dream come true for her. You have also given her the structure, patience and training she needed to be more comfortable in her own skin. Thank you for sharing your story with us and for giving Sage the life and love she truly deserves.

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