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Adopted February 3, 2022 from

On January 9, 2022, 20-year-old Peanut came into our care at the BC SPCA Sea to Sky Community Animal Centre. She had been surrendered to us when her owner could no longer care for her. Peanut had a heart murmur, needed dental care and ongoing pain medication for arthritis. But she still had a lot …


Adopted August 7, 2010 from

When we adopt a new feline friend, our relationship with them doesn’t always turn out according to plan. Most times, it’s even better. When Nadine was ready to share her home, she took a trip to the BC SPCA Vancouver Community Animal Centre in August 2010 to find her new pal. There she found a …


Adopted March 2, 2022 from

For many of us who have shared our hearts and homes with a feline companion, we know there isn’t much that can fill the void when they’re gone. Although, when the time is right, welcoming in a new kitty can certainly help. When Candice bid fare well to her dear cat Misha, her home did …


Adopted March 15, 2022 from

Just when we think we’re the ones who choose our pets, it’s really them choosing us. When Grimalkin came in as a stray in February 2022, he was quite injured. We didn’t know much of his history other than what his wounds told us. He wasn’t having an easy life out there. We wanted to …

Smith and Wesson

Adopted January 21, 2017 from ,

For so many of us, a house does not feel like a home without a cat… or two. When Stacey and her sister lost their cat of 13 years, they couldn’t ignore the void that they felt. Once they were ready to open their home and hearts, they were determined to adopt a young pair …

Keira and Charlie

Adopted June 1, 2013 from

Keira and Charlie began their lives in the same perilous way and thankfully ended up in the same safe haven. Keira was only eight weeks old when she was found in a culvert off a busy roadway in Fort St. John. Someone brought her to the BC SPCA North Peace Community Animal Centre on May 21, …

Pumpkin and Spice

Adopted February 28, 2022 from

In October of 2015, two bonded littermates were surrendered to the BC SPCA Tri-Cities Education & Adoption Centre in Coquitlam as tiny kittens, as the owner had too many cats. Pumpkin (a male orange tabby) and Spice (a female tortoiseshell) were eventually adopted together in November that year. However in February of 2022, after over five …


Adopted March 27, 2022 from

While so many of us have spent more time in our homes over the past couple years, we have felt the tug to open our home to an animal in need. Julie and her family had been researching and looking through many rescue organizations to adopt a canine companion. Finally, they found Twiglet at the …

James and Pippin

Adopted August 20, 2021 from ,

This is the story of two bunnies who needed a home, a family and each other. James was left in a home when his owners moved. A neighbour found this abandoned two-year-old American mix in a cramped and dirty cage with some poor-quality food and brought him to the BC SPCA Chilliwack Community Animal Centre …


Adopted January 16, 2022 from

Before reaching the BC SPCA East Kootenay Community Animal Centre, little Sara was kept solely for the purpose of breeding. She had had little experience with affection from humans and never had the opportunity to trust or to learn manners. Her living conditions were far from ideal. Sara came to us on September 10, 2021 …