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How to keep small animals cool in the summer

…ice or alcohol on the animal as this can make heat stroke worse Contact your veterinarian An episode of heat stroke can predispose animals to future problems with heat stress….

Is your dog extra sensitive to hot weather?


…coats A dog’s coat captures air and acts as an insulator trapping heat in the winter and deflecting heat in the summer. Dog breeds such as Labradors, huskies, shepherds and…

Keep pets cool in the summer heat

…the chances of your pet getting heatstroke. Outdoor excursions: When hiking, camping, or going to the beach, make sure you bring along a water bowl and water for your pet…

Hot paws in the city

small dog on hot sidewalk in summer

…on a warm day. Cats and dogs have sensitive paw pads that become vulnerable in the heat. Surfaces such as pavement, asphalt and artificial grass can become searingly hot causing…

Easy ways to keep your pet cool at home

…never knowingly put them in danger, but pets can quickly suffer when left in a vehicle in warm weather, putting them at risk for heatstroke and even death. The good…

Three tips for a bird-friendly backyard

…dissipate heat), puff up their feathers, flutter their wings, take a splash, or simply seek shade. During the hottest months of the year, you can help birds beat the heat

Helping your pets in an air quality advisory

…summer heat. When air quality advisories are issued, many of the same warnings for humans tend to apply for cats, dogs and other animals. This would include avoiding any vigorous…

What is kitten season?


Kitten season is the time of year when the most kittens come into SPCA care. Female cats go into heat when the days get longer and can have multiple litters…

What to do if you see a coyote

…contain animals indoors at night. Spay and neuter your pets. Coyotes are attracted to, and can mate with, unspayed or unneutered dogs. Unspayed female dogs in heat will attract male…