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7 stories to celebrate Respect Your Cat Day

March 28, 2019

March 28 is Respect Your Cat Day and we asked BC SPCA volunteers, staff and friends just how far they go to make sure their feline friend has the best life ever.

We received about 40 pawsome stories and seven of those caught our attention:

Cat: Captain Smokey / Guardian: Sandra

Captain Smokey the cat

“Captain Smokey, being mostly an indoor cat, loves boating, because it’s her chance to get out and about and explore the west coast. She knows that upon arrival at the boat, there will be treats on offer.

She also knows that when the engines start up, it’s time to go and tuck herself in her secure private spot – behind a hooked-open door, where there is a perfect cat-sized niche – and that when the engines are shut down, it’s time to emerge and demand her reward – more treats of course – and then to inspect the port at which she has arrived.”

Captain Smokey

Cat: Gloria / Guardian: Dara Fontein

Gloria the cat

“Due to her flat face, Gloria has a lot of trouble eating. I have to mix her wet food with warm water and form it into a pyramid shape. After she’s had a few bites and flattened it with her face, I need to repeat the process until she’s finished. I often also need to heat her food in the microwave for seven seconds (not a second more or less!) to warm it up if she’s being especially picky.

As for her dry food, Gloria requires a specialty bowl made for animals with flat faces. It is raised and angled in such a way that allows flat-faced creatures to eat more easily, compared with traditional bowls or plates.” Follow Gloria on Instagram.

Cat: Fats Domino / Guardian: Nixie Knox

Fats Domino the cat

“We keep an open bag of pork rinds in the fruit bowl on our kitchen island because every day, at least once, our cat Fats Domino, gets up there to take out one pork-rind, carry it gently to the rug in front of the fridge and crunch it up to leave a crispy booby-trap for the barefoot humans. He prefers “found water” so we have to put his water bowls up high, and alternate between the kitchen table, bathroom counter or tub ledge.

He loves vegetables and steals them out of our bowls when we make salads. He likes to be outside but our house is on a park with a coyote, so he has a harness and leash so we can play in the front yard. He likes to go for walks in our tenant’s baby carrier and bike rides when secured in the basket on my son’s bike. He loves to be held on his back like a baby and jumps in the tub if you are having a bath. We keep a window open for him to hang out and watch the wildlife. He loves to play with our tenants’ cats and is invited down to do so regularly.”

Cat: Delilah / Guardian: Jennifer Charlton

“My cat Delilah has cerebellar hypoplasia, a neurological disorder, which is also known as wobbly cat syndrome. We got a lower couch and added a blanket she can use to assist with climbing and we are currently looking into building her a ramp so that she can reach the window and watch birds.

Delilah loves yogurt so my husband has now become accustomed to eating yogurt every morning so that Delilah can have a spoonful before we head to work.” Follow Delilah on Instagram.

Cat: Dave / Guardian: Felix McEachran

Dave the cat

“Yes, Dave has trained his humans well. If he is sitting on them, they aren’t allowed to move. If he is sitting in front of the fireplace, he is cold and a fire must be made. When the humans leave for work in the morning, the heated blanket must be turned on low with the fluffy side up for him to lie on.

The food bowl must always be full or else he will chastise his humans with his regal yowl. Sometimes, he doesn’t feel like standing on the ground anymore and so he must be picked up otherwise the yelling forever continues. Only when his royal paws aren’t touching the floor anymore will the yelling stop.

At night, he sleeps with his humans and he must be under the covers too. Sitting on top of them is for peasants.

Truly, it is hard work having to train and maintain such a household but Dave does it without so much as a bent whisker.”

Cat: Milo / Guardian: Kristine Novakowski

Milo the cat

“Milo is quite the active boy and we are making sure he is physically and mentally satisfied. This means he has a cat door to our (enclosed) patio. We quickly learned the herb bed would be one of his favorite perches, so we covered it in pine needle mulch to protect the plants but allow him to explore it as well.

He loves his cat tower, which allows him to practice his Cirque du Soleil acts. He is employed as a sous chef in our kitchen (but not when it comes to onions), and likes to “sit” in his chair and eat family meals with us.”

Cat: Spider / Guardian: Wendy Horan

“Spider is full of personality and my partner gives in to everything she wants. She has more cat beds in the house than I can count. She has more varieties of treats than I can count. Her toy box would make a street cat cry. It’s bordering on ridiculous how much this cat has taken over our house. She sleeps upside down and snores like a drunk trucker.

When she is allowed to, her preferred spot to nap is the crux of my boyfriend’s arm with her head resting next to his. If she were human, I’d be worried that I was going to be tossed to the curb someday soon, but she has taken over my heart too, so it’s all good. ”

Thank you to everyone who sent in their cat stories and happy Respect Your Cat Day!

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