​Coyote sightings in the city
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​I saw a coyote in the city, what should I do?

Coyote sightings in the city are normal, even during the day. You can help prevent conflicts by respecting their space and being a responsible pet guardian. Feeding coyotes causes them to lose their healthy fear of people – keep your garbage secure and don’t leave food outdoors.

If you see a coyote, scare them away by yelling, stamping your feet and waving your arms. Make lots of noise and try to look big. This may feel silly, but will help the coyote avoid problems in the future.

If pets can’t be kept indoors, make sure they come in at night to keep them safe.

Report a coyote sighting in Metro Vancouver or read more about coexisting with coyotes. Call the Conservation Officer Service at 1-800-663-9453 to report an aggressive or threatening coyote.

Coyote walking through fallen leaves at playground
Photo credit: Trevor Clark