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Humane Education presentations: Okanagan

Invite the BC SPCA into your classroom

Bookings are closed for the 2023/2024 school year. Thank you for your amazing support! We look forward to reconnecting with you again in Fall 2024!

BC SPCA humane education programs are specially designed to teach students about important animal welfare issues, and to help them understand the deep interconnections that exist between animals, people and the environment.

Developed around themes of Social-Emotional LearningSustainability & Stewardship and Social Responsibility, all lessons include concepts related to B.C. core curricular competencies and content.

Social-Emotional Learning

The Language of Animals (K-2): What is the one language we have in common with animals? Body language! Together we’ll investigate the emotions animals are showing us. Then we will explore how our actions can affect how animals feel, and how we stay safe around animals.

The Farm Animal Connection (K-2): Explore the human relationship with farm animals. Students will be invited to consider the similarities been farm animals and themselves.

Making the Right Choice (3-6): Which animals make good companions? Let’s dig into the natural behaviours of some of the animals we live with, and uncover whether we can provide everything they need to be happy and healthy.

Sustainability & Stewardship

Wildlife Wonders (Gr. 3-7): What happens when wildlife and humans share the same space? Students will hear real wildlife stories, then will identify how we can all be better citizens of our environment, and neighbours to wildlife.

Social Responsibility

You Can Make a Difference (Gr. 3-7): Learn about real-life issues and laws that affect animals, then work together to develop creative solutions to improve their lives, and become a voice for animals in your community.

Including Animals in Social Justice (Gr. 6-12): Animal welfare is a social justice issue. Tailored to an age-appropriate level, investigate beliefs and stereotypes about animals, question what is socially acceptable, and consider animal welfare issues in our world today.

The Farm-Food Connection (Gr. 3-12): Consider where food products come from, beyond the grocery store. At an grade-specific level, students will explore the needs of farm animals who give us everyday products, and analyze the labels used to identify them. Let’s make a difference for farm animals by thinking about the products we bring home.

NEW this year! Careers: Working for Animals (Gr. 8-12) Love animals? Why not work for them? Explore some diverse and rewarding careers working hands-on with animals, or in the service of animals. Students will explore the paths leading from “just loving animals” to careers making a difference in the world!


How long is each presentation? Presentations for Grades 3+ are offered as single-session or three-session experiences*. Single-session presentations typically run approximately 60 minutes. Three-session experiences typically range from 45 to 60 minutes per session.

How much do presentations cost? Each presentation booking costs $40. If you are booking a three-session experience*, this does not affect the cost. If this represents a barrier, please indicate this on your booking form, and we will be pleased to discuss alternate arrangements.

Will there be an animal at the presentation? No, there won’t be any “real” animals accompanying our presenter BUT our presentations are designed to be fun, educational and interactive in nature!

Can we combine multiple classes together for one presentation? Given the interactive nature of our presentations, we typically present to one class at a time — but we are very happy to provide multiple presentations to different classes within a school! If you would like to explore options for a larger presentation, please contact your Regional Humane Educator, noted below.

*Please note: we are only accepting single-session bookings for the remainder of the 2023/2024 school year. 

Questions? Please contact Keigan Hollefriend, BC SPCA Regional humane educator, Okanagan.