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Dog training shows – what can we learn from TV dog trainers?

sad dog
March 4, 2021

As new dog training shows hit the list of Netflix new releases and other media, dog lovers need to ask themselves a question: Do you believe everything that’s shown on TV? TV shows have the power to influence how dog guardians view their dog’s behaviour and what training method they will use to solve problem …

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Signs of chocolate toxicity in your dog

dog chocolate
March 3, 2021

Most humans love indulging in their favourite chocolate treat, but, unfortunately, ingesting chocolate can result in significant illness for your dog. Chocolate is toxic for your dog because it contains both caffeine and a chemical called theobromine; two chemicals that dogs cannot metabolize as well as humans. While all types of chocolates can be toxic for dogs, the amount of …

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Rat poison injuring wildlife

northern spotted owl in the wild
March 2, 2021

UPDATE – B.C. temporarily bans rodenticide sales and use to protect wildlife On July 21, 2021, the provincial government announced it would temporarily prohibit the sales and use of Second-Generation anticoagulant rodenticides (SGARS) which have devastating effects on local wildlife. The 18-month ban will allow government staff to research and review alternatives. Although there are some exemptions …

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