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News Category: Pet care, behaviour, prevention and education

Resource guarding is natural for dogs: Help prevent it with training tips

September 30, 2015

Dog guardians may have noticed that sometimes, their four-legged friend growls when he’s approached while eating, or when a toy gets taken away. But canines are born with the instinct to guard their resources, says Sarah Pennington, who owns and operates Yaletown Dog Training in Vancouver. “Dogs are born with an innate desire to keep …

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Four months to fix 400 cats: Campbell River SPCA wants your help

September 9, 2015

Earlier today, the BC SPCA Campbell River Branch launched “Fix 400 Cats in Four Months”, a promotional campaign inviting local residents to spay and neuter kittens and cats at no cost to themselves through a grant project funded by PetSmart Charities of Canada™. “We are asking the community to help us achieve our goal and …

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No kitten – there’s a way to properly pick up a kitten

September 1, 2015

Kittens can be cute, cuddly, playful and full of energy. While thousands of British Columbians choose to share their homes with a feline friend or friends, many may not know that there are good ways – and bad ways – to handle cats, especially when they’re young kittens. Perhaps that’s why one of the most …

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BC SPCA issues warning after multiple cats injured in highrise falls

August 25, 2015

The BC SPCA is issuing a warning to cat guardians in high rise buildings to safeguard their pets after a number of cats have suffered injury or death after falling from balconies. “At the Vancouver shelter we’ve had five cats brought to us in the past month alone who were seriously injured after jumping or …

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Think about your pet’s needs during the dog days of summer

August 4, 2015

It’s been a hot, dry summer so far in British Columbia, and while there’s plenty of fun to be had under the sun, it’s important to think about your furry family member(s). While humans can choose to go inside or seek shade if it’s a warm-weather day, pets don’t always have that option. “Our pets …

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Online sites help fight cruelty by banning the sale of animals online

August 4, 2015

How much is that doggie in the window – the one with the waggly tail? When Patti Page’s rendition of this famous song topped song charts in 1953, people were likely thinking about the cute puppy in the window and not where he came from. Chances are, puppies in any pet store window came from …

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Port Alberni spays and neuters 800 cats under PetSmart grant

July 27, 2015

The BC SPCA Port Alberni Branch recently met their grant project goal to spay and neuter 800 cats and is already seeing a significant decline in the number of kittens entering their shelter. PetSmart Charities of Canada™ awarded $110,900 in 2013 to help the city of Port Alberni address the cat overpopulation crisis in their …

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New policies protect welfare of animals

July 15, 2015

A B.C.-based free online classified site announced today that it will no longer allow profiting from the sale of household pets through their network of local community sites., which operates free classified sites in more than 84 Canadian and United Kingdom locations, says the move will help to protect the welfare of animals – …

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First responders in Surrey join forces to help prevent pet fatalities

July 9, 2015

With temperatures soaring across the Lower Mainland, the Surrey RCMP, the City of Surrey Bylaws & Licensing Department, the BC SPCA and Surrey Fire Services gathered at Guildford Town Centre today (July 9) for a public awareness campaign on the dangers of leaving pets unattended in hot vehicles. “Each summer our agencies receive hundreds of emergency …

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Listen to your cat: Popular Tip Tuesday video shares valuable pet handling advice

July 8, 2015

Cat videos are popular online, and the BC SPCA’s Tip Tuesday videos, featured every Tuesday on Facebook, are no exception. Since the weekly videos launched in January, the segments featuring cats garner more views, likes and shares than any other. One of the most popular with viewers to date is the Tip Tuesday video about …

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