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Intensive farming

Intensive agriculture developed as a result of industrialization. As the human population grew and technology developed, animals were housed in smaller, less natural spaces.

In Canada, farmers moved animals indoors for protection from harsh weather and disease. Sometimes, farm animal welfare declines in this type of housing.

How does intensive farming hurt animals?

Intensive farming can cause pain and suffering in animals. Examples of suffering include:

  • Fighting, injury, and feather pecking due to being housed in groups that are larger than what is natural to their species. This is common with pigs and hens.
  • Painful sores and injuries from standing on concrete or wires their entire lives, such as with cows, hens and pigs.
  • Boredom and frustration from confinement in empty steel and concrete pens, such as sow stalls for pigs or battery cages for hens.
  • Stomach illnesses from eating food that is not natural for them, such as with cattle fed only grain, or ducks force-fed to make foie gras.
  • Rough handling, including broken bones and painful electric shock with chickens, pigs and cows.

How can you help farm animals?

Higher standards are needed to protect animals and give them a life worth living. We need your help to tell farmers and politicians that animal lives matter!

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  2. Help to change laws and standards for animals on farms.