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Wild ARC Practicum Program

Are you interested in becoming a wildlife rehabilitator? Volunteer opportunities are a great way to gain experience and test out your chosen field. If you’re ready to take the next step, an intensive practicum placement is a chance to really develop your skills. Wild ARC’s well-respected Practicum Program mentors prospective rehabilitators (or other animal health professionals), and offers the opportunity to develop technical wildlife skills.

Practicum Program Design

Wild ARC Rehabilitation Practicum Barred OwlWild ARC’s Practicum Program offers three distinct streams:

  1. Wildlife Rehabilitation Practicum (PDF)
  2. Wildlife Rehabilitation Practicum – Herbivore Specialist (PDF)
  3. Wildlife Rehabilitation Practicum – Setup Coordinator (PDF)

Each stream provides participants with two, three, four or six months of intensive, hands-on wildlife rehabilitation experience. Our Practicum students work closely with our rehabilitation team; you will learn how to handle, assess and treat a wide variety of wild bird and mammal species.

The Wildlife Rehabilitation stream has a focus on medical care and treatment. The Wildlife Rehabilitation – Herbivore Specialist stream emphasizes skills in wildlife husbandry with a focus on rearing sensitive herbivores while the Setup Coordinator stream emphasizes the holistic perspective needed to care for wildlife needed in a rehabilitation setting and provides experience and knowledge on how to properly prepare enclosures for wild patients.

Practicum Educational Credit:

Our Practicum Program is a professional development opportunity. Participants can receive university course credit for completing the practicum (such as APBI 496 at the University of British Columbia), or it can fulfill the practicum requirement for various environmental or animal health programs. Alternatively, participants can register for a certificate course in wildlife rehabilitation training through the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council (IWRC).

Practicum Applications:

These two, three, four or six month terms are offered annually during our busy summer season:

  • Our practicum program runs between March and October of each year.

Our Practicum Program Description (PDF) outlines all the details of this exciting opportunity. We accept applications starting in late-January of each year. Placement interviews and offers typically occur in February.

Apply by February 28

Application packages can be submitted electronically to info@wildarc.com and must include:

  • Completed Practicum Application Form (PDF)
  • Current Curriculum Vitae
  • 1-2 page essay describing your career goals and relevance of our practicum program
  • Three references (at least one former employer)