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For social workers

The BC SPCA offers opportunities to collaborate and partner with human social service providers.

Teenager boy in the park with a golden retriever dog


The Violence Link

There is a link between violence against animals and violence against people. When animals are being abused in a household, other forms of abuse are often present. This is called the Link and highlights the need for cooperation between animal welfare organizations and social service providers. The BC SPCA is a member of the Canadian Violence Link Coalition. Please visit Humane Canada’s page for more information on the Link

The Safekeepers Program

The Safekeepers Program offers long term foster care, up to 6 months, for pets of people fleeing interpersonal violence. If you have a client who would benefit from this program, please click this link for program information and contact.

If your organization is interested in becoming a referral partner, please e-mail

Food Bank Program

If you have a client with a pet or your organization co-shelters animals, consider partnering with the BC SPCA Pet Food Bank Program. Please e-mail for more information. 

BC Housing Pilot Program

In 2022, BC SPCA partnered with BC Housing to conduct a two-year pilot program with the goal to create sustainable, integrated, animal welfare policies and long-term strategies for supporting the safety and well-being of humans and pets in supportive housing. 

Working with 10 supportive housing buildings and one 24/7 day shelter to create training for staff, education and services for residents and recommendations for pet policies that support safe, healthy pet living situations that mitigate barriers to residency. For more information, please contact