Polling shows public expectations of local community animal bylaws
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Local government

B.C. residents reflect their values in a recent survey of more than 2300 adults

B.C. residents had strong opinions when asked: should your local government respond to these specific concerns about how pets are housed and provided care? The issues of most concern to respondents were dogs in hot cars and improper housing of pets, with over 80% of B.C. residents considering this the local government’s responsibility.

Residents were largely unaware of the services currently provided by their region, suggesting that there could be a gap between what is already taking place and what people think is happening for animals.

Read the full report (PDF).

Interested in learning more about animal bylaws?

The BC SPCA consults with municipalities on animal-related bylaws, ensuring they are effective and cost efficient. Bylaws address issues such as aggression and bites, hoarding, neglect, nuisance and abuse. When allowing for ticketing, these bylaws are the most effective way to address systemic community problems involving animals. To facilitate staff and contractors that are working to develop bylaws regulating the keeping of animals in a community, the BC SPCA developed the Model Animal Responsibility Bylaws.

Download a copy of the model bylaws (PDF).