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Position Statement on Trapping

The BC SPCA is opposed to the inhumane trapping of animals. The BC SPCA supports humane trapping only for subsistence purposes and to minimize urban wildlife conflict.

Where trapping is carried out for subsistence purposes, only those traps that cause instant death should be used. Where trapping is used for urban wildlife management, live traps that do not cause pain or injury should be used for relocation purposes. When relocation is not an option for legal or biological reasons, either lethal traps that cause instant death or live traps directly followed by euthanasia must be used. All trappers should be trained and when necessary, permitted by the appropriate government agent, and all trapping regulations must be adhered to.

Trapping of feral or stray cats must use humane live traps that are then surrendered to the appropriate pound facility, animal shelter, rescue group or feral cat sanctuary. Such trapping must also respect local bylaws (i.e., placement on private property, etc.).

Any trap should be regularly checked to prevent suffering of any contained animals.

Approved by the Board of Directors – February 2009


Trapping: The capture of wild or domestic animals in traps that either kill or restrain them.

Subsistence trapping: The intent of trapping only for personal consumption (not commercial gain) to meet the basic food and clothing needs of the trapper or their family without animal parts being used for aesthetic purposes.