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Position Statement on Predator Control

The BC SPCA opposes the killing of any vertebrate species specifically for the purpose of predator control. Every effort should be made to use non-lethal means to protect prey species. Only when human health or safety or herd/flock health and safety are at serious risk, and where non-lethal methods have been exhausted, should a humane lethal method of control be considered such as gunshot by a trained and permitted individual. With the exception of mice and rats (see position statement on Nuisance Wildlife Management), poison should never be used to control predators as it may cause undue suffering on both target and non-target species.

Where companion animals are threatened by wildlife species outside of the home, it is the responsibility of the guardian to ensure the protection of the companion animal. Only when an individual wild animal (bear, cougar, coyote, etc.) becomes too habituated to human settlement showing no fear of humans, is increasingly aggressive, and relocation efforts would not be reasonable or biologically sound, should humane methods of lethal control be considered for that individual animal.

Approved by the Board of Directors – August 2009


Predator control: The killing of a predator who is perceived to be a threat to a prey animal based solely on their proximity, not on the actual attack of the prey animal.