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How to rescue a wild animal

American robin nestling curled up in a blue cloth in care at Wild ARC

…found a baby rabbit, found a baby bird, found a baby deer or found a baby seal. This deer fawn doesn’t need help – he’s hiding quietly until mom comes…

Position Statement on Hunting, Trapping and Fishing

…through ingestion or secondary lead poisoning. The BC SPCA does not condone the introduction of species to increase opportunities for harvesting purposes (e.g., feral pigs, fallow deer, rainbow trout). Such…

Wild ARC celebrates 25th anniversary

Great horned owlet at Wild ARC sitting under cedar branch

…tiny hummingbirds to bald eagles and great blue herons, mammals like beavers, bats, river otters, raccoons, squirrels, and deer fawns, and even reptiles and amphibians like garter snakes and the…

Urban wildlife

Wild coyote near forest standing on a rock

Deer Learn more about urban deer, and how to humanely manage problems with deer.   Mice and rats Learn more about humane rodent control, and options for preventing rodents in…

Position Statement on Wildlife Feeding

Don't feed the pigeons sign on patio

…see the BC SPCA position statement on Urban Deer. Wildlife tourism When visiting other countries, tourists create conflicts directly by feeding wildlife, or through tour companies using food to bait…

BC SPCA Wild ARC reports another successful season

Fawns at Wild ARC

…animals with their wild moms including fledgling birds, deer fawns, raccoons, goslings, squirrels and rabbits during its busy season from May to September. More than 2,800 animals came through Wild…

A day in the life at Wild ARC

The BC SPCA’s Wild Animal rehabilitation Centre (Wild ARC), in Metchosin on southern Vancouver Island, treats almost 3,000 injured and orphaned wild animals each year. Whether an eagle or deer,…