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Celebrating Canada 150

From bison to bears to bighorn sheep, it’s no secret that Canada is home to some amazing wildlife. Each year, millions of people visit our national parks, hoping to catch…

Position Statement on Farm Animal Welfare

…zebras, kangaroos, elk, deer) In partnership with Humane Canada (formerly known as the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies, or CFHS), the BC SPCA participates in the National Farm Animal Care…

7 Easy ways you can protect wildlife

Wild hummingbird with pretty pink and green colours feeding from a pink flower

…birds, squirrels, seal pups and deer fawns. Keep cats inside the house or provide controlled outdoor access with a catio space to discourage conflicts with wildlife. Keep cats away from…

He waited nearly a year for his forever home

…loves to observe all the birds, squirrels and deer on the property. “These are Marley’s days now,” says Lee-Anne. “He just loves to be in the yard, lounging and hanging…


…she has lost 46 pounds and her energy has gone through the roof. She runs like a deer through the woods with us on our hikes. We absolutely love having…


Adopted January 24, 2020

deer, quail and other animals that frequent our home. Since we have been in lockdown for COVID-19, Rosie doesn’t get to interact with as many people as we would like…

Teddy & Buddy

Adopted February 13, 2011 from ,

…wildlife—such as bears, coyotes, deer and the rare cougar—usually appear when it’s dark or at sunrise, Teddy’s howling from our open bedroom window was known to awaken our neighbours. While…

I need help with

Curious pomeranian looking up curiously

Adoption » Animal protection » Animal issues » Buying ethical meat/dairy » Can’t keep an animal » Exotic animals » Farm animals » Laws & enforcement in your community »…

Lucy Lemon

Adopted January 4, 2009 from

deer or two. In 2012, I submitted her picture for the BC SPCA calendar, and we got on the cover. Lucy is so photogenic. A couple of weeks ago, Lucy…

Is it bad to feed birds?

…seed can attract animals like mice, rats, squirrels, raccoons, deer or bears. Clean up spilled seed and make your bird feeder inaccessible to other animals. In the warmer months, there…

May Neish

…recorder. But Mary’s greatest passion was her love for animals and birds. Her property provided a refuge and feeding station for birds, deer and racoons, including one precious little blind…

Wild ARC 20th anniversary celebration

…river otters, raccoons, squirrels, deer fawns, and even reptiles and amphibians. The diversity of animals that come into care requires that every enclosure be adaptable to provide for the natural…