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Adopted August 7, 2021 from

deer outside, the rain, the dog sitting there doing nothing. But with lots of hugs and reassurance he is no longer scared. He tears up and down the hallway playing…

How to appreciate wildlife in your own backyard

…bunnies, and other animals, like deer, naturally feed on surrounding plants and bushes. To create a backyard wildlife-friendly landscape, you want to keep your outdoor space as natural and wild…

How do I find a humane pest control company?

…animals like raccoons, deer, rabbits and pigeons get into trouble too. Even “pests” deserve to be treated humanely. The best solution is to prevent the problem before it starts. Make…

Ick a tick! How to check your pet for ticks

Husky dog walking off leash on a forest trail with a woman

…lice, which are species-specific, fleas and ticks don’t discriminate – they’ll bite anything with a heartbeat,” Townsend says, adding deer and other wild animals can also carry the parasite. Download…

Helen Carolyn (Carly) Klassen

…2 pets to keep her company – a cat and a dog. She enjoyed watching them caper as they frolicked with the deer in her backyard. Her pets kept her…

Support Wild ARC

Wild otters on a rocky beach

…Wild ARC clothing, animal sponsorships and other “wild” gifts. Sponsor a wild animal Choose your favourite wild animal – from songbirds or deer fawns to bats or owls – and…

Generosity in Action: Joerg Fischer

…Sunshine Coast and their dog Lana, a wire-haired dachshund, Joerg and Hannelore share the property with all kinds of wildlife including bears, bobcats, deer and birds. In addition to their…