Sad, almost defeated dog suffering from painful skin condition
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Sad, almost defeated dog suffering from painful skin condition

September 29, 2022

The BC SPCA is hoping you can help Lola, an eleven-year-old pit-bull terrier cross who is suffering from various skin issues.

“When Lola arrived at the shelter, she was quiet, clearly uncomfortable, and smelled really bad,” says Jodi Dunlop, manager of the Vancouver BC SPCA. “Her skin was red and inflamed, and there was a layer of yellow, yeasty build up in a number of areas on her body where her fur should have been. She is a really sweet dog who hasn’t been able to live her best life because she hasn’t received any treatment for her various skin conditions.”

After examination by a veterinarian, Lola was prescribed medication for her skin and was bathed in medicated shampoo. She is now on a special diet for her stomach and skin issues.

“In addition to her medication and special diet, Lola will need surgery to remove skin tags,” says Dunlop. “She will also need to be spayed.”

Lola has already come a long way since she arrived at the BC SPCA. Her fur is growing back now and she is showing her personality more. “Lola is such a good girl,” says Dunlop. “She loves going for walks and playing in the courtyard at the shelter.”

When Petsecure Pet Health Insurance learned about Lola, the company generously offered to match all medical donations up to $3,000 to help with her care and other animals who need urgent medical help.

Lola will require weeks of on-going care at the BC SPCA. Once she has recovered from her spay surgery, Lola will be available for adoption.

Help Lola