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Vancouver dog trainer receives BC SPCA accreditation

May 24, 2024

Local Vancouver dog training company Carefree Hounds has been granted BC SPCA AnimalKind accreditation, recognizing their commitment to high dog welfare. Sheelah Gullion, owner, and trainer at Carefree Hounds, focuses on training puppies and young dogs. Gullion says, “I work primarily with puppies and adolescent dogs because it’s the best way to raise a happy …

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Five ways to become a swallow steward this season

Barn swallow in the rain
May 24, 2024

While our avian friends have some pretty impressive qualities in common – forget flying, try building a nest sturdy enough to hold tiny hatchlings without using your hands! – birds belonging to the group of aerial insectivores are particularly impressive. Birds like swallows, swifts, martins, and nighthawks have a diet that consists almost completely of …

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Donations for the BC SPCA’s pet food bank program down across the province

May 23, 2024

It is another presumed symptom of the higher cost of living in British Columbia. The BC SPCA has seen an ongoing decrease in the number of donations of pet food and supplies coming into their animal centres since January 2024. “Across the province we have seen less pet food donations coming into our centres,” says …

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