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BC SPCA seizes 16 dogs in distress from individuals banned from owning animals

July 4, 2018

The BC SPCA has seized 16 dogs in distress from a property in Quesnel. The dogs – including German shepherds, a Yorkshire terrier, a retriever, bull terriers, standard poodles, Portuguese water dogs, a Pekingese, corgi-border collie crosses and miniature pinschers – were being kept in crates too small for their size in a poorly ventilated area, with little or no access to water and with feces/urine-soaked matting.

Karin and Catherine Adams, the individuals keeping the dogs, are known to the BC SPCA and were convicted of animal cruelty in 2015 following an SPCA investigation. Their 2015 sentence included a 20-year ban on owning animals.

One of the dogs seized from a property in Quesnel.

“It is extremely frustrating when we deal with repeat offenders, particularly those who breach the terms of their sentencing,” says Marcie Moriarty, chief prevention and enforcement officer for the BC SPCA. “However, we are pleased that these dogs are now safe and are getting the attention and care they need.”

The investigation into the case continues and the BC SPCA will be recommending new charges of animal cruelty. The Adams also face charges for violating the conditions of their 2015 sentence.

The dogs are currently in care at SPCA shelters in the region.

One of the dogs seized from a property in Quesnel.