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News Category: Pet care

How to create a catio-friendly outdoor tunnel that your cat will love

Catio cat
March 16, 2022

You’ve created your catio, and your cat adores it. After all, catios provide enrichment, fresh air, and the stimulation of nature as well as ensures safety for your cat from the outdoors while protecting wildlife too. Why wouldn’t they like it? As the kind-hearted and creative pet guardian you are, you now might be wondering …

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3 easy DIY toys to make for your cat

Playful grey and white cat reaching for toy from cat perch post
March 16, 2022

DIY cat toys are a purrfect way to explore your creativity while also making a toy that can enrich your cat’s day. DIY cat toys are also cost-effective, especially if your kitty has a habit of destroying or losing store-bought toys. Not to mention it’s a great way to make your cat’s play time a more personal experience, knowing that you are partly responsible for …

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BC SPCA to increase access to affordable veterinary care with PetSmart Charities® grant

February 28, 2022

The BC SPCA has received a $125,000 grant from PetSmart Charities® of Canada to help improve access to veterinary care in under-resourced communities. “We know that there are so many loving pet guardians who want to provide the best care they can for their animals, but who may be struggling financially,” says Trevor Harvey, senior …

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4 steps to pet-proof your holiday tree this season

Cat in tree
December 4, 2021

Trees decorated with bright lights and ornaments are key part of many holiday celebrations. It’s important to protect pets from any holiday hazards and make sure everyone enjoys this annual tradition. These four tips can help pet guardians keep their furry friends safe from any accidents involving the tree. Consider an artificial tree Real trees …

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Emergency pet preparedness is key when seconds count

November 12, 2021

The BC SPCA is encouraging pet guardians to plan for their furry family members in the event of an emergency, such as wildfires, a flood or an earthquake. Download our Emergency Checklist » “People don’t necessarily think about their pet in an emergency situation until it’s too late,” says Lorie Chortyk, general manager of communications …

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Retired RN from Union Bay becomes a BC SPCA-accredited dog trainer

October 28, 2021

In 2018, after decades of nursing, Lisadawn Shackleford’s passion for dogs led her to found Country Canine Care while still working part-time as a critical care RN. Fast forward to today, now retired from nursing, Shackleford is dedicated full-time to running Country Canine Care and providing humane, science-based dog training services. Her company has now …

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Stoked Dogs: From adopter to BC SPCA accredited dog trainer

Lynn Gagnon, owner and trainer at Stoked Dogs Training & Behaviour and her dog
October 28, 2021

What started as an adoption of a rescue dog turned into a life-changing decision for Lynn Gagnon, owner and trainer at Stoked Dogs Training & Behaviour – the first company in Revelstoke to be recognized with BC SPCA’s AnimalKind accreditation. Gagnon’s dog trainer journey began nearly ten years ago when she discovered that her German …

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