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Adopted October 12, 2021 from

For many of us, when we have spent such a big portion of our lives with a furry friend by our side, we can’t help but feel a bit of a void when they’re gone. When Judy’s old cat crossed the rainbow bridge after over two decades, she wanted to give herself some time to …


Adopted January 4, 2022 from

What better way to ring in the new year than with a new kitten? Alley and the rest of her litter were surrendered to the BC SPCA North Peace Community Animal Centre just a couple weeks before Christmas in 2021. We knew it wouldn’t be long before Alley found her forever home—she was tiny, charming …

Ruby and Rosy

Adopted December 2, 2021 from

Sometimes,  it’s all about timing. Having only just finished her training to become a foster volunteer at the BC SPCA Vernon Community Animal Centre, Kari was ready to help the animals in need. It didn’t take long for Kari to fall head over heels for two sweet dogs, Ruby and Rosy. They both needed some …


Adopted December 7, 2020 from

When adopting a pet, they become an integral member of the family. This means that we make the commitment to them to give them the best life we possibly can. Sometimes, we also experience trauma with them—but this can make the bond even stronger. When Amanda and her husband adopted Eddie from the BC SPCA …


Adopted December 26, 2021 from

However often we may believe that we are the ones who adopt our pets, really, most of the time they choose us. This was certainly the case for Joanne and her husband when they met Timothy at the BC SPCA Williams Lake Community Animal Centre in December 2021. Of course, they immediately fell in love …


Adopted December 10, 2020 from

Most people know that our organization’s acronym stands for the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. But you may not know just what it takes sometimes to honour this vital mandate. On September 23, 2020, the BC SPCA Cruelty Investigations Department seized so many dogs from a rural property into protective custody that …


Adopted December 23, 2020 from

While kittens and younger cats are widely popular when it comes to adoption, our senior feline friends deserve just as much attention. Senior cats have so much to offer in the way of love, affection and appreciation for their new guardians. Anne and her husband were pleasantly surprised to discover this when they adopted 12-year-old …


Adopted July 18, 2020 from

While there are so many amazing reasons for adopting a senior dog, they continue to inspire us in countless ways. When Mika, the 14-year-old Beagle, came into our care as a stray in the summer of 2020, she was so friendly and laid back. However, her imminent need for weight loss was evident. We needed …


Adopted November 24, 2020 from

We don’t know for sure why this sweet Pug cross was found wandering the streets of Kelowna, but we’re sure glad Dog Control brought her to us. Little Clover was four years old, intact and in heat, and had kennel cough when she entered the BC SPCA Kelowna Community Animal Centre on October 29, 2020. …