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Why adopt a bonded rabbit pair?

July 20, 2023

Bonded pairs of rabbits are very common at the BC SPCA. In fact, there are plenty of pairs available for adoption right now! 

Rabbits are social animals who prefer to live with other rabbits. Being in a bonded pair can make them happier and healthier than living singly. Rabbits who are bonded have a deep relationship, which is why it’s important to keep them together. By adopting a bonded pair, not only are you preserving the special connection between the two rabbits, but you are saving two lives. 

Time and care 

The good news about adopting a bonded pair? If you are considering having two rabbits in your home, you already know they get along! 

The idea of adopting more than one rabbit at the same time can be intimidating. A common misconception is that two rabbits will mean double the time, cost and space needed to care for them. This isn’t necessarily true, as bonded pairs love to share. The cost of caring for two rabbits is not that much more than caring for one as they share the same litterbox and, hay, and buying veggies in bulk is often cheaper. Whether it’s eating, sleeping, grooming or exploring their surroundings, bonded pairs do lots of activities together. But just like roommates, bonded rabbits also like the choice of spending time apart, so be sure to create a home with plenty of hiding spots and space. 

They have each other’s backs 

Bonded rabbits will spend hours cuddling and sleeping together, keeping each other safe and comfortable. Bonded rabbits can also balance each other out in terms of sociability and personality. It’s not unusual for pairs of rabbits to have opposite personalities, with one being very outgoing and the other a bit more timid. However, they are still well-matched enough to take on the world together and look out for one another. 

Friends for life

While rabbits often thrive with another rabbit for company, not all rabbits get along with one another. Unless you’re able to confidently put time and effort into proper rabbit introductions, a bonded pair will be a much easier option, especially if you’ve never had rabbits before. The pair will have the advantage of relying on each other for comfort and security as they settle into your home and get used to your routine. They’ll also be a source of entertainment for each other while you’re away at work or school. 

Rabbits can bring much joy to each other’s lives and to yours. To search for bonded rabbit pairs, visit our adoption site for available rabbits.

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