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Think Twice Before Supporting Rodeo Events

July 22, 2009

The BC Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is urging members of the public to think twice before supporting rodeo events which cause unnecessary suffering to animals. The call comes as Abbotsford gets ready to host the Agrifair and Mighty Fraser Rodeo July 30 – August 3 at Abbotsford Exhibition Park.

“The BC SPCA recognizes the long tradition of cattle ranching in BC, and appreciates that there is an interest in showcasing the handling skills of cowboys,” says Alyssa Bell Stoneman, farm animal welfare coordinator for the BC SPCA. “Rodeo professionals and stock breeders also often make the case that their animals are treated extremely well outside of rodeo events. While this may be the case, we still find that events such as calf roping and steer wrestling impose an unacceptably high risk of injury to the animals and that the potential for pain and fear experienced by the animals for the purpose of entertainment is unjustified.”