Terrier-cross puppies rescued by BC SPCA near Ladysmith - BC SPCA
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Terrier-cross puppies rescued by BC SPCA near Ladysmith

November 17, 2014

Two severely emaciated terrier-cross puppies who were tethered outdoors in freezing temperatures without food or water are now safely in the care of the BC SPCA. The male puppies, only a few months old, were being kept outside a home near Ladysmith.

“It was heartbreaking to see how these little puppies were being forced to live,” says BC SPCA senior animal protection officer Tina Heary. “They were outside in the freezing cold, tangled up on tethers, emaciated, filthy, matted and covered in urine. Their only shelter was a plastic doghouse that was wet and muddy inside with no insulation or bedding.”

Heary says the puppies were huddled together, wet and shivering, when they were found. “One of the puppies was so compromised he could only take a couple of steps before falling over. Both were extremely weak, weighing only two-three kilograms each.”

The two puppies, named Casey and Finnegan by SPCA staff, are now in the care of the Nanaimo SPCA and are receiving veterinary treatment and around-the-clock care. “Thankfully we were alerted to the situation in time and both Casey and Finnegan are expected to make a full recovery,” says Heary.

The BC SPCA investigation into the case continues and charges of animal cruelty are being recommended.

The BC SPCA depends on community donations to fund its cruelty investigations work. Contributions are gratefully received at spca.bc.ca/support.



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