SPCA Vancouver Hospital Trust Fund surpasses $1 million milestone in support of animals in need
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SPCA Vancouver Hospital Trust Fund surpasses $1 million milestone in support of animals in need

February 26, 2024

For nearly 30 years, the SPCA Vancouver Hospital Trust Fund, a group of caring and dedicated animal lovers, has come together to raise funds towards subsidized veterinary care for animals at the BC SPCA Vancouver Animal Hospital. Since the creation of the Hospital Trust Fund, their scope has expanded to help meet the demand for BC SPCA veterinary needs across the province, including at the Penticton Veterinary Hospital, Kamloops Spay/Neuter Clinic and the Prince George Spay/Neuter Clinic. Thanks to the incredible generosity of the Hospital Trust Fund’s long-time supporters, more than $1 million has been invested in veterinary care through BC SPCA services since the establishment of the fund.

“The Hospital Trust Fund was established to provide a consistent, reliable income for the BC SPCA’s veterinary clinics to continue providing its charitable services, especially at a time when there is such a great and growing need for them,” explains Shirley-Anne Blackadder, an SPCA Vancouver Hospital Trust Fund Trustee. “The Trust is committed to supporting and amplifying the BC SPCA’s work to preserve the lives and protect the wellbeing of companion animals in B.C.”

In 2024, the Hospital Trust Fund is anticipated to have a positive effect on numerous animals in three crucial areas: funding for spay and neuter services for animals in the BC SPCA’s care performed by third-party veterinarians, a shifted focus at the Prince George Spay/Neuter Clinic to prioritize veterinary services for shelter, low-income and community animals, and investments into subsidized vet care for low-income individuals in need and their pets.

“As a proud team member of the BC SPCA, I am thrilled to extend our heartfelt appreciation to the SPCA Vancouver Hospital Trust Fund for their unwavering support,” shares Teresa McKernan, Senior Director of Veterinary Services with the BC SPCA. “Surpassing the significant milestone of $1 million in donations is a testament to their dedication to enhancing the lives of animals throughout B.C. Annual commitments from organizations like the Hospital Trust Fund play a pivotal role for the countless furry lives that enter our doors, and for this, we are truly thankful to the Trust.”

Veterinarian shortages continue to plague the province, meaning access to and the cost of veterinary care remains a critical issue for animal welfare in British Columbia. The BC SPCA is grateful for the continued support of the SPCA Vancouver Hospital Trust. Without them, countless animals would have suffered needlessly. Instead, these animals will live happy and healthy lives.

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