Sound of your support: Shawn Hook spreads BC SPCA anti-cruelty message
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Sound of your support: Shawn Hook spreads BC SPCA anti-cruelty message

June 1, 2017

A rising Canadian music star has a simple – but important message – for his fans and the public: if you see or suspect animal abuse or neglect, report it.

Shawn Hook is currently being featured on radio airwaves with Vanessa Hudgens in their hit single Reminding Me and is also known for other musical hits, including Sound of Your Heart. In Vancouver recently, Hook stopped by the BC SPCA’s Vancouver location to snuggle with some of the animals and record some heartfelt messages.

Gowned up in protective gear, tells us about Bella, a dog who came into BC SPCA care neglected and with a horrible skin infection.

“So this is Bella – she came in when a Good Samaritan called the  Animal Helpline… she was really emaciated and was being neglected so she had a bad skin infection,” Hook says.

“But she’s made an incredible turn for the better- look at her! She’s just so happy.”

Hook reminds everyone that if they see or suspect animal abuse, to call the BC SPCA Animal Helpline at 1-855-622-7722.

Lorie Chortyk, BC SPCA general manager, community relations, says it’s fantastic when homegrown celebrities – Hook is originally from Nelson, B.C. – take the time to help with causes they’re passionate about.

“We think it’s great that Shawn took the time from his busy schedule to come and help spread such an important message, one that we can’t repeat enough – our cruelty investigators can’t address animal cruelty if it isn’t being reported,” Chortyk says.

“One of the BC SPCA’s main goals is to create more humane communities and we can’t thank Shawn enough for his efforts in helping to make that happen.”

Follow the BC SPCA on social media or visit the BC SPCA YouTube channel to check out more messages from Shawn Hook.

(Thank @Shawnhook directly on Twitter for speaking up for animals! #bcspca)

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