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Celebrating the Modern Day Cat Lady on National Cat Lady Day

April 19, 2022

April 19 is National Cat Lady Day. The reputation of a cat lady has come a long way since medieval Europe when a woman’s love for cats was a cause for suspicion and even scorn. Since then, the cat lady stereotype has transformed from a negative label into a popular one that many modern cat ladies wear with pride.

For National Cat Lady Day, we reached out to cat ladies in the BC SPCA community to share why they love cats and embrace being called a cat lady.

Modern Day Cat Ladies

Heather, cat mom to Tilly and Norman


Why she loves cats 

I wanted to adopt cats because there are so many without loving homes. I am in awe of cats who have experienced the dark side of humanity and still have so much love to give. They are amazingly resilient creatures. They are so intelligent and it’s an honour to have them love us back.

Why she loves being called a Cat Lady 

I love being referred to as a cat lady! My birthdays are filled with cat cards and cat related gifts. My best friend is also a cat lady. We send daily pics and videos of our feline friends. I think the term cat lady used to have a negative or sad stigma but not anymore. Social media and merchandising have helped with that. I think people now see cat ladies as compassionate, caring and fun. Perhaps sometimes a little weird but I’m okay with that! I proudly wear my ‘cat mom’ necklace!

How she is planning to celebrate National Cat Lady Day 

I will celebrate National Cat Lady Day as I do most other days: I will start out by cuddling my cats, feeding my cats, surfing through cat pics and video on Instagram while I drink coffee in my cat lady coffee mug, and then text my friend to see what her cats are doing, and get ready for work. Because it’s an extra special cat day I will wear my cat mom necklace. I will then use the lint brush to try to remove cat hair from my clothes as I head out to work!


 Keren, cat mom to Cosette

Keren and Cosette

Why she loves cats 

My family always had cats when I was growing up and we had such wonderful kitties who were a huge source of happiness and humor in our households.

I think what I love most about cats is their unique personalities. While my cat does devote much of the day to dozing under my duvet, she is chatty, sassy, and incredibly affectionate during her waking hours. She makes me laugh daily. As someone who lives alone, I can’t imagine having gone through this very isolating pandemic without her companionship! Also, they are just adorable animals – can anyone really resist their little toe beans?

Why she loves being called a Cat Lady 

To me, it means that I am a lady who has a cat! I’ve certainly received my fair share of cat lady comments over the years but I can’t say it bothers me at all. My cat is just one more relationship that enriches my life and the lives of my family and friends (via her antics documented on Instagram).

I think it’s a shame that the term “cat lady” is still used, or used in a derogatory sense. It’s definitely related to the very sexist and antiquated idea that there is something wrong with a woman who remains single. It would be so sad if someone hesitated to bring a cat into their home because of this stigma! Providing love and care for an animal in need of guardianship is a beautiful, rewarding thing to do regardless of whether you are single or partnered.

How she is planning to celebrate National Cat Lady Day 

Maybe I will ask my photographer sister to come and take some socially distanced, outside photos of Cosette and I. Cosette will want to mark the day by sticking to her routine of naps, wet food, bedtime salmon-flavoured cat treats, and cuddles.


Crystal, cat mom to Eugene and Arnold

Eugene and Arnold

Why she loves cats 

I enjoy the different personality of cats, their purring, and, of course, because they are absolutely adorable. They provide endless entertainment. I feel bad for people who don’t understand how awesome cats are.

Why she loves being called a Cat Lady 

Most of my family likes cats. We use the term as a badge of honour. I thought it was hilarious before I turned 40 [laughs]. I think a cat lady is someone who talks about cats a lot and owns a bulk supply of sticky-rollers to clean cat hair.

How she is planning to celebrate National Cat Lady Day 

Probably will do what I do every day except send even more pictures of my cats being cute.


Erin, cat mom to Artemis and Hades

Erin with Artemis
Hades and Artemis

Why she loves cats  

I have always been a cat person; from the time I was a little girl. When I was six years old, I would carry around a jumbo cat beanie baby and sit in front of the fire petting it, and would beg my parents to get me a real cat. Later that year we adopted my first cat Cupid, who was my best friend for the next 16 years. I have had a cat ever since!

Why she loves being called a Cat Lady 

I love being called a cat lady! For me, a cat lady is something pretty simple — loving cats! That can take many forms; adopting and having cats, being involved in cat rescue, or fostering. At the end of the day, a cat lady loves her some cats!

I think the term “cat lady” does have stigma to it, and it’s such a shame. I think a lot of the stigma is rooted in sexism; I mean, if a man has multiple cats or dogs, you don’t see the same stigma placed on him! I think it’s also rooted in misunderstanding cats. Many people think cats are aloof, mean, and anti-social, and then think that those who like cats have the same qualities.

How she is planning to celebrate National Cat Lady Day 

I plan on taking a few nice pictures of my little buddies and putting them on social media (I love sharing how adorable they are.) I also plan on giving them some cat nip and their favorite treats!



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