Save little Mistletoe, who was found crying alone in the woods - BC SPCA
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Save little Mistletoe, who was found crying alone in the woods

December 3, 2019

The BC SPCA’s North Peace Branch is seeking your help with medical costs for Mistletoe, a little senior dog who was found by a Good Samaritan.

“He was adventuring in a remote area when he heard Mistletoe’s cries for help,” says SPCA North Peace Branch manager Candace Buchamer. “He followed her cries until he saw this tiny dog tangled in rose bushes and spruce trees, immobilized and terrified. If not for the Good Samaritan, Mistletoe would have perished.”


Mistletoe will need to have a blood test done in a few days after she is a bit stronger to check if there has been damage to her internal organs. She has severe cherry eye from the constant irritation that could ulcerate and rupture if left untreated. She will need oral surgery to remove multiple resorbing teeth. Her mouth is so sore that she will need to be on a liquid diet until she has her surgery.

Mistletoe will be in SPCA care for at least four weeks before being ready for adoption in the new year.

“Mistletoe never gave up. It was her persistent cries that led her finders through the dense brush to her tangled prison,” says Buchamer. “She is so very sweet and gentle despite being in so much pain.”

Give Mistletoe comfort and joy this holiday season.