BC SPCA is asking for help after two kittens fall from highrises - BC SPCA
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BC SPCA is asking for help after two kittens fall from highrises

September 11, 2020

The BC SPCA is hoping you can help two kittens who recently fell from two high-rise buildings and are currently in care under two of its locations.

After falling off a fourth-floor balcony, little Jersey was brought to a veterinarian shortly afterwards by his family when it was discovered he couldn’t stand on his front legs. The three-month-old kitten was then surrendered to the Victoria BC SPCA when his family couldn’t afford the cost for the required emergency surgery.

Jersey needed emergency hospitalization and pain management as he awaited surgery for his fractured elbow, which ultimately cost $2,000. During surgery, his front right leg was amputated, and he was bandage wrapped. Once sutures are removed and he is fully healed, he will also need to be neutered before he is ready for adoption.

jersey the kitten

Currently Jersey is doing well in foster care where his movement is being monitored and he is learning to walk as a tripod rather than a four-legged kitty.

Despite his traumatic fall, staff at the Victoria Branch say Jersey has been “such a trooper and so affectionate.” He even loves to watch hockey in his foster family’s home!

Fortunately, there was also some good news for four-month-old Toast who was recently surrendered to the Vancouver Branch after falling five storeys from the window of his owner’s home. He required a femoral head and neck excision to relieve his pain and help restore acceptable function in the limb, a procedure which exceeded $3000.

toast the kitten

Despite being in incredible pain, staff report that the kitten “would still try and walk and cuddle up with a human.” His foster mom says he has a “great personality” and “purrs non-stop.” Once Toast is fully recovered, he will be ready for his fur-ever home.

Help Jersey & Toast