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Stray cat who hates to eat alone recovering from serious injuries

February 29, 2024

Nemo, as named by BC SPCA staff, is a one-year-old orange tabby who was found at the corner of Cariboo Road and Gaglardi Way in Burnaby by a Good Samaritan.

“The BC SPCA’s Night Emergency line got the call about an injured stray cat and dispatched a staff member to transport him to a 24-hour emergency vet,” says Nicole McBain, manager of the BC SPCA’s Burnaby community animal centre. “He required 48 hours of emergency care for his long list of injuries.”

Nemo had a pneumothorax (collapsed lung), his front right leg sustained severe nerve damage and he has a fractured tooth which will need to be removed. He was given pain medication, antibiotics, fluids and had a series of x-rays.

“Unfortunately, the veterinarian determined that the nerve damage to Nemo’s leg was so severe that they were not able to save it,” says McBain. “He is unable to use the leg and has no pain response at all. This kind of nerve damage is quite common in cats who have experienced serious trauma.” Based on Nemo’s injuries it is suspected he was hit by a car.

“This boy has been super sweet and affectionate with all of the staff here at the BC SPCA and at the vet clinic,” says McBain. “He just loves to receive pets and cuddles and adores kisses on his head.”

He also hates to eat alone. “Because he was a stray and has had to find his own food, we thought he would just scarf down anything we put in front of him, but he won’t eat unless someone sits with him,” says McBain. “Once he has company, the food disappears quickly.”

What is next for this cat who loves scritches, cheek rubs and looking out the window? “Nemo is currently recovering from his amputation and neuter surgery at one of the BC SPCA’s foster homes, but once he has been cleared by the veterinarian, he will be available for adoption,” says McBain.

When Petsecure Pet Health Insurance* learned about Nemo’s injuries, the company generously offered to match all medical donations up to $3,500 to help with his care and other animals who need urgent medical help.

Look for Nemo on the adoption page of the BC SPCA’s website in the next few weeks.

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*Supported by a grant from Definity Insurance Foundation, with funding from the Definity Insurance Company.