East Kootenay kitty seeks support for eye removal surgery - BC SPCA
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East Kootenay kitty seeks support for eye removal surgery

December 17, 2018

Staff at the SPCA’s East Kootenay Branch are hoping you’ll be able to help them help Bumble, a sweet kitten who came into their care after being brought in with her siblings as strays.

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“If it wasn’t for her glaucoma — along with being partially deaf, you’d never know Bumble was sick,” says Christy King, manager, East Kootenay SPCA. Glaucoma is a very painful condition where the fluid inside the eye builds up, causing excess pressure. Sadly, King says the prognosis for Bumble’s eyes are not good. “Unfortunately this little girl’s glaucoma is not well-managed, so our only option is to sadly remove her eyes. She’s going to have a long road of recovery ahead of her, but she is so brave and we know she will feel much better once she is no longer in pain.”

Bumble, a kitten with glaucoma, will need to have her eyes removed. Here, she poses in front of the camera with open eyes; they are clouded over.

Costs for Bumble’s care are expected to reach at least $2,280.

King says otherwise, Bumble has been nothing but a sweetheart in care. “She’s incredibly resilient despite her circumstances. You can tell she just wants to be a kitten. She’s rambunctious, curious, always wants to play…and loves a good snuggle!”

If you’d like to help Bumble, or other animals like her, we invite you to visit our medical emergency page, or you can make a donation in person at 3339 Highway 3 & 95 in Cranbrook.

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